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Named for the original inhabitants and language of the Colorado River delta, Yuma County is located in the Sonoran Desert in the Southwest Corner of Arizona. The 2010 Census population was 195,751. It is now believed to be over 200,000. The county is noted as the driest and sunniest spot of the nation with the most days over 90 degrees of any US county.

The county seat and largest town is Yuma, population 93,064. It is situated near a natural crossing point of the Colorado River. Present day Yuma was originally called Colorado City, with Fort Yuma on the West bank of the river. The town was renamed Arizona City in 1858. Arizona City suffered a devastating flood in 1862. The town was relocated and rebuilt. It changed its name to Yuma in 1872.

Due to its proximity to the border. Yuma is a prime entry point for people trying to escape from California. The large influx of Californians has had a cultural impact on the region.

Just South of Yuma, the town of San Luis is a primary border crossing between the United States and Mexico.

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