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Yuma Territorial Prison Museum & Park

The Yuma Territorial Prison Museum & Park is a historic site adjacent to the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area and historic Ocean to Ocean Bridge.

The prison was opened in 1876. The facility entertained over three thousand inmates before closing in 1909.

The prison grounds were converted into a high school in 1910. After a particularly brutal football game, a team from Phoenix called the Yuma players "criminals." The nickname stuck and the school continues to bear the mascot "The Crims."

Civic leaders in Yuma decided that it was poor form for students to spend their days on prison grounds before their graduation; So, they moved the Yuma Union High School in 1910 at which point the facility became a local jail. The video is a documentary about the facility.

Yuma Territorial Prison Documentary from Brett Frame on Vimeo.

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