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Web Site Listings

YUMA Restaurants [Category: Dining]
A national site lists information on Yuma area restaurants.

Young Life [Category: Spiritual]
Young Life is a youth ministry. The Yuma office is at 2888 S Vista Lane.

Yuma Area Agricultural Council, Inc. [Category: Agriculture]
The Yuma Area Agricultural Council promotes the value of local agriculture with a united voice through educational programs involving local and state officials, schools, and the general public.

Yuma Art Center & Historic Yuma Theatre [Category: Arts]
The Yuma Art Center and theatre are hosted by the City of Yuma.

Yuma Association of REALTORS® [Category: Real Estate]
The Yuma Association of REALTORS® offers resources for real estate professionals in Southwestern Arizona.

Yuma Audubon Society [Category: Information]
The Yuma Audubon Society is dedicated to conserving natural resources, educating members on conservation issues, and increasing awareness about the diversity of nature in the Yuma, AZ, area

Yuma Bike Club [Category: Recreation]
The Yuma Bike Club promotes cycling in Southwestern Arizona.

Yuma Carpets and Tile in Yuma [Category: Home and Garden]
Store at 575 E 18th Place in Yuma.

Yuma Catholic High School [Category: Learning]
Yuma Catholic High School offers educational services in Yuma.

Yuma Center for Spiritual Living [Category: Health]
Organization offers a fun spiritual encounter.

Yuma Center of Excellence for Desert Agriculture [Category: Agriculture]
The Yuma Center of Excellence for Desert Agriculture (YCEDA) is an innovative public-private partnership that connects top scientists to the desert agricultural industry.

Yuma Community Based Outpatient Clinic [Category: Health]
The Yuma CBOC by the Department of Veteran Affairs offers health care for veterans in the Yuma area.

Yuma Community Food Bank [Category: Community Services]
The Yuma Community Food Bank is located at 2404 E 24th Street.

Yuma County [Category: Government Links]
Site for the government of Yuma County.

Yuma County Chamber of Commerce [Category: Business]
The Chamber of Commerce provides resources for businesses in Yuma, Arizona.

Yuma County Courts [Category: Legal]
This is the home page for the Yuma County Courts.

Yuma County Fair [Category: Recreation]
Site has information on the annual Yuma County Fair and the Yuma County Fairgrounds.

Yuma County Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority [Category: Travel]
he Yuma County Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (YCIPTA) is proud to provide Yuma County Area Transit (YCAT) fixed route, vanpool and YCAT OnCall demand responsive bus service throughout southwestern Yuma County including the cities of Yuma,

Yuma County Library District [Category: Information]
Connect with the county library system of Yuma, Arizona.

Yuma County Sheriff's Office [Category: Government Links]
This is the official site for the Yuma County Sheriff department.

Yuma County Superintendent's Office [Category: Learning]
The Yuma County Superintendent's office in partnership with our public schools is committed to providing a quality education to all students through a spirit of collaboration, communication and culture of service.

Yuma Court Reporters - [Category: Legal]
Site offers reporting services for courts in Yuma County.

Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area [Category: Information]
Site has information about the Colorado River front.

Yuma Democrats [Category: Politics]
Discover the Democratic Party in Yuma County.

Yuma Direct Info [Category: Information]
This is a CityDirect guide for Yuma.

Yuma Elementary School District [Category: Learning]
Site has information on the public schools in Yuma County.

Yuma Endodontics [Category: Dental]
Dr. Howard Sorensen of Yuma Endodontics offers specialty dental services at 2851 S Avenue B in Yuma.

Yuma Family YMCA [Category: Recreation]
Established in 2000, the Yuma YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) offers recreation and fitness facilities.

Yuma Foot Care [Category: Health]
Yuma Foot Care, by Jessica Duggan, DPM, is a complete foot and ankle treatment center catering to the families and individuals of Yuma County.

Yuma Futbol Club [Category: Recreation]
Yuma Futbol Club is a nonprofit youth sports league.

Yuma Golf and Country Club [Category: Recreation]
Yuma Golf and Country Club offers affordable recreation in Yuma.

Yuma Homeopathy: Homeopathic Medicine & Remedies [Category: Health]
Yuma Homeopathy offers health remedies at Araby Rd & E 24th Street.

Yuma Honda [Category: Auto Dealers]
Yuma Honda is a dealership at 1190 East 32nd Street,

Yuma Insurance, Inc. [Category: Insurance]
Yuma Insurance offers Life, Health & Business Insurance.

Yuma International Airport [Category: Travel]
Site has information on air travel in Yuma County.

Yuma Investment Group Wealth Management [Category: Accounting]
Yuma Investment Group offers wealth management services.

Yuma Irrigation District - Yuma, AZ [Category: Agriculture]
Established 1919, Yuma Irrigation District manages water resources in Southern Arizona.

Yuma Jaycees [Category: Business]
The Yuma Jaycees is a not-for-profit leadership and civic training organization located in Yuma, Arizona. It is a branch of the Junior Chamber International (JCI).

Yuma Landing Bar & Grill [Category: Dining]
Yuma Landing and Bar is located at 195 So. Fourth Avenue.

Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization [Category: Government Links]
YMPO helps coordinate activities among the local governments in Yuma County.

Yuma Mobile X-Ray [Category: Health]
Organization offers mobile diagnostic services.

Yuma Nursing [Category: Health]
The Yuma Nursing Center offers rehabilitation, nursing care and hospice services.

Yuma Office Equipment [Category: Shopping]
Yuma Office Equipment offers profession computer repair, networking and consulting services.

Yuma Orchestra Association [Category: Arts]
YOA brings classical music to Yuma.

Yuma Palms Regional Center [Category: Shopping]
Site has information on stores and events at Yuma Palms regional shopping center.

Yuma Pest [Category: Home and Garden]
Site offers pest control services in Yuma

Yuma Printing [Category: Business]
Yuma Printing is located at 1400 S. Avenue B in Yuma.

Yuma Proving Ground [Category: Information]
Site has information about the Yuma Proving Grounds by the United States Army.

Yuma Real Estate Services [Category: Real Estate]
Site offers real estate in Yuma.

Yuma Recyclers [Category: Business]
Company at 620 East 20th Street in Yuma recycles paper, water bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, copper, brass, insulated wire, stainless steel and cardboard.

Yuma Region Bicycle Coalition [Category: Recreation]
The purpose of the Yuma Region Bicycle Coalition (YRBC) is to promote safe and enjoyable bicycling for both transportation and recreation within Yuma County and its various municipalities.

Yuma Regional Medical Center [Category: Health]
Yuma Regional Medical Services provides health care services in Southern Arizona.`

Yuma Risk Management Group [Category: Insurance]
Site offers risk management and insurance services.

Yuma School of Beauty [Category: Learning]
Yuma School of Business offers classes in cosmetology.

Yuma Site Reviews [Category: Yuma County]
The site review program highlights interesting local sites. The reviews serve as the base for the site's RSS feed.

Yuma Solar [Category: Business]
Site offers solar power services in Yuma.

Yuma Southwest Contractors Association [Category: Construction]
Yuma Southwest Contractors Association has services for contractors in Yuma County.

Yuma Sun [Category: Newspapers]
The Yuma Sun reports on news for Southwest Arizona.

Yuma Swap Meet, [Category: Shopping]
The Yuma Swap Meet at 4000 4th Avenue is an event that allows people to buy and sell goods.

Yuma Territorial Marathon and Half Marathon [Category: Recreation]
The Yuma MArathon is a sporting event taking place in January.

Yuma Territorial Prison Museum & Park [Category: Information]
Site has information about the historic Yuma Territorial Prison.

Yuma Union High School District [Category: Learning]
Site has information on the schools in the Union High School District.

Yuma United Church of Christ [Category: Spiritual]
Yuma United Church of Christ is a UCC Congregation that meets at 1700 S 1st Ave Ste 312.

Yuma Valley Contractors [Category: Construction]
Established in 1976, Yuma Valley Contractors is a general contracting serving Southwestern Arizona.

Yuma Vision Center [Category: Vision]
Yuma Vision Center offers eye care at 2750 S. Pacific Avenue Ste. D in Yuma.

Yuma dot com [Category: Information]
Yuma dot com is a local portal and search engine by Geo Flatforms.